Create a Refinish Kitchen Table

Refinish kitchen table – Kitchen tables can receive a lot of abuse over time. Refinishing wood kitchen tables will protect them from further abuse and improve their beauty. While refinishing takes a lot of work, such as chemical stripping and sanding, the result is always worth the extra effort. Spread a thick layer of chemical stripper on the table. Allow the stripper to sit the manufacturer’s instructions. Remove the stripper with a paint scraper or spatula. Repeat this process until all of the finish has been removed from the kitchen table.

To create a refinish kitchen table, clean the stripper from the table after the directions indicated by the manufacturer. Allow the table to dry completely. Lightly sand the table with a sanding block and fine sandpaper. This will make the wood smooth and prepare for the stain. When you have finished sanding, vacuuming the table and wipe it with a tack cloth. The table should be free from dust before it stains.

Brush stain on the table. Wipe the table with a clean cloth to take off any extra stain. Let the stain dry. Create the refinish kitchen table by brushing with polyurethane. After the finish is dry, lightly sand the table with fine sandpaper. Once sanded, wipe the table down with a tack cloth. Apply a second coat of polyurethane. Wait until the polyurethane dry before use.

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